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December 2022

Reflecting on accelerationism and beard growth
Playing with Fire

November 2022

Clear eyes, good content, can't lose.

September 2022

Foreign travel tips paired with All-American advice

August 2022

Songs to sing and fashion to wear this fall season.
Tinkerings, Product Recommendations, and More

July 2022

It's I Heart Huckabees meets Product Hunt meets Quora

June 2022

Ahoy-hoy. Here’s what’s been happening and what I’ve been reading/watching in June. #tinkerings The BenGoldhaber(.com) media empire continues to grow at…
I sometimes watch twitch streams and I frequently want to mute either the commentators or the players. This is also how I feel when I watch sports - I…
:friendly wave: #projects I had a desire to build a simple dashboard where I could add friends and coworkers to a map, see their locations, and get a…